Our Engineering Degree Doesn't Educate Us To Be Street Smart

People always have an impression engineer’s job only associate with numbers! They do calculation all the time. THAT IS TOTALLY  WRONG!
I would describe in further detail the job description of each kind of engineer.

Here is a logic. If you are business person, you need to know the tricks of trade in business world to be successful in business. Same thing like engineers, you need to know what the engineers’ world is. 
THAT IS THE FACT!. You should have basic engineer trait to become successful engineer. I will describe further detail.

My name is Izam. I graduated a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, U.S.A in 1994. Soon, it did not take long for me to get a job and started my career as Mechanical Engineer in very small company in General Industry. Today, it is already fifteen years working experience and I turn up to be Project Manager in multi-national company in Oil & Gas Industry. My current salary is considerably much higher above average engineers salaries. I earn much higher than those engineers who have worked 5 years earlier than me. I go back on time where else some senior engineers still working hard in the office. After after working hours, I swim  and have a nice a a cup of coffee with my friends. I just pity them since they go back after dark, and have to come back the office in early morning. What a life!

I love what I am doing now while I listen to many engineers expressed their unhappiness being engineer. This is common thing I heard from them "I REGRET BEING AN ENGINEER". What I am now is not by an accident, I worked hard to go into the direction to be an engineer I wish to be. I do it with my own Personal SECRETS that I will reveal to you.
Think about it, If you are not happy in your life, what is the point to be an engineer?   From General Industry, I send more than 100 job applications to 'Oil & Gas' companies. It did not work until I found the right formula and successfully offered by a small 'Oil & Gas' company. A small company  which consisted of 2 engineers (the owner and myself), 2 draught, and 1 administration personnel. I worked as Mechanical Engineer but working in small company required me to perform many things, or the best word is everything!
The formula how to join a new industry is my own Personal SECRETS that I will reveal to you. In a certain period of time, the working experience in small company attracted a medium size company attention. I could perform the works that equivalent to 3 different jobs by 3 engineers in the new company I joined. "Doing every thing" from previous experience is obviously an advantage. The company designated me as engineering and construction coordinator. I met two junctions to turn, two choices I need to make. Being a Mechanical Engineer which I was comfortable with, it was a careful decision for me to twist another direction of job function.   I realized that I should choose the job nature goes along with my nature. My career path to be Project Manager begun where the opportunity given by immediate boss. I worked for it by accepting the offer as Field Engineer. I said to my self "hands dirty will make me good engineer". I was in construction for a long period of time. However once again I quickly realized that assigned in construction will make me in out of town forever! The ways I made my company required me to work in the office is my own Personal SECRETS that I will reveal to you. From there I developed my self as Project Manager   After gaining more than 10 years On-Shore experience in, I managed to penetrate into Off-Shore Industry. Its almost impossible a person like me to have this kind of opportunity. I did not get an opportunity by chance, I do it with my own Personal SECRETS that I will reveal to you.           Please check my Website http://engineerjobdescription.com/   thanks -izam-                                                                              
    Please do not get wrong idea. I am NOT telling you should join Oil & Gas Industry. Oil & Gas is one of the Luxury Industry I could show you. There are few Luxury Industries type I will reveal in my E-book. However I also insert some Tips for you how to join in Oil & Gas Industry. Yet, it also not my intention to encourage you to be Project Manager at the end of your engineer career. Project Manager is an example job function suits to my talent and character. You should choose the job function  that suitable to your own pasion. Being Project Manager has answered my choice literally. Finally I opted for Project Manager after years of observation on myself, my wants, my potentialities and my caliber. It took some years for me to find out what kind of an engineer I should be.
Today I got an answer for you too                  The compilation of my own personal observation, lessons learnt, sharing stories with successful engineers and working experience as an engineer for the last fifteen years
The book will illustrate simple explanations to understand and show the basic idea of what an engineer does in his or her daily life. I give my advice in many aspects as what you should know and what you should do to become a succesful engineer. I will reveal secret doors, DO NOT KNOCK COMMON DOOR
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Feb 8, 2010