My Colostomy

Ten years ago I foundout I had colon rectal cancer. It was had to face at first. But with the help of my family I made it through the surgers and the idea of having a colostomy. I have a two wonderfu l girls who helped me and are still helping me. My husband of 23 years at the time of my surgery was not to happy. Things changed between us. He went out and got twin beds, and at one point he moved out of the bedroom. When I asked him what the problem was he said I turn his stomach. That just thinking about it makes him sick. But I do not let it get to me. I have my children, my grandchildren, and my school children. I am happy with my life. My colostomy is part of me just like my arms and legs and if people can not take me as I am then I fell sorry for them. I am alive and I am healty and I am happy with what I have. I'm the same person I was before the cancer.
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Sorry to hear how your husband feels about you having the bag. My husband of 49 years has been most supportive. he knew I had to have the colostomy because of colon cancer. My family is supportive as well. It means a lot to have family and friends who understand are here for me. Have you ever had any trouble going through security at an airport? Yesterday the security system showed my bag and I was taken to a private room and patted down thoroughly! Was wondering how to keep this from happening in the future?

Hi; It is good to read on here about people like you who live with the colostomy bag. I am soon to have bowel surgery and have been told that a colostomy is a possibility. I have friends who are also willing to talk about their experiences with it, and it makes me feel much more at ease. Thank you very much for your frank and open discussion. You are helping more than you could ever imagine.

I am so sorry that your husband feels like that tword you. I had a colostomy for seven months and then it was reversed. Things between my wife and I have never been the same. We sleep in seperate bedrooms now and probably will forever. I am only 51 and retired from the Navy after 29 years of service. I live in Harlysville Pa. and want to go back home to Colville Washington in the worst way. I hate it here, and I have been here sinse 1990(where I met my wife). Anyway, I hope things get better for you and I hope you are in good health now. By the way, sometimes I wish I still had the bag, I am functionally incontinent. Take care.<br />
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