The Value Of Life

I have held this in for far too long. Every day lately, all I hear of is death. It is not bad enough to hear of the deaths of the old (experiencing the loss of their wisdom), the sick (who have demonstrated strength in their suffering), or of those that are caught up in natural or man made catastrophes. Now we are seeing deaths of the "innocent" who are considered no more than "Collateral damage" in times of War. War that is taking place in the Middle East and other parts of the world, but even more heart breaking, war that is being waged by "Gangs" and taking place on our cities streets. How many lives are being "snuffed out" like the candle flame that has yet to really have a chance to shine its' light? Now they are shooting Policemen, those sworn to "protect and serve". Not even considering, that, that very Policeman could have been the one who saved their mother from harm, while she was carrying them or their brother or sister to term. 

Every life, impacts every other life upon this planet. Every life lost, leaves a void that will be felt somewhere else down the long road of time. Something will be needed, and the one who was meant to provide it --- his or her unique quality or talent, will not be there... 

And we as a race (the human race) will be less for its loss... because we will not even know what is missing, what was stolen, what was born to solve a problem, fill a need, create a cure, show us something beautiful and new, raise a standard, right a wrong... this is the Value of the life taken senselessly.

(Here are some words written by me long ago for someone lost very dear to me... I share them with you because the words still ring true and apply so aptly to the many who are being taken from us in these very troubling times...)

                                           The Gift...

There are so many treasures, bestowed upon mankind.
               But most are overlooked, for man is often blind.
There are so many lyrics which never will be heard.
              For in listening to the music, we never hear the words.
There is so much that is given, which we never appreciate,
             Until the gift is gone, but by then, it is--- too late.
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4 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Thank you Rhubarbpie! (One of my favorites, my aunt used to make them for me when I was a little boy!)

Sheisthe one... thank you for you kind words.<br />
RavenDelcor humbly I say thank you. I sense a kindred spirit in you.<br />
Smyliebean... the sacredness of life, seems to be a forgotten lesson in these times.<br />
This post was weighing heavy on my heart... I could not ignore my feelings on the issue any longer.

The connecting web ... brilliant thoughts and prose. The poem reminds me of me, especially the one one music and lyrics. I can be invaded by wonderful music and forget that there are words, they seem to be part of the whole, yet when listening to the words, the music becomes the backgroud, or canvas for the poetry. My computer moniter that doth stare at me from time to time, bears the words: Today is a Gift! Open it with Thanks!<br />

Well written poem and your general thoughts....I could not agree more.<br />
<br />