The Future... We're Almost There!

Imagine it, waking up in the morning. Going to work. For what? To pay off bills you owe. What do you own? Not your cell phone (that is paid for monthly), not your car (that is leased), not your home (still paying on the mortgage). Hmmm, student loan not paid off? Step back for a moment, take a good long look at yourself. You own nothing! You work to pay for what you have --- your house, your car, your telephone, your gas, light, electric bill, cable. Your credit cards. You are in deep doo-doo! And that is right where they want you! What is your credit score... it isn't good enough. So you must pay a higher percentage.

Wake up people... you and your kids... and your grandchildren's- grandchildren's are nothing more than indentured servants, this is right where they want you to be. This is where you are headed.

When are you going to wake the **** up?

There is a name for you --- learn it --- so that you can avoid it --- "sheeple".

Just a commentary... from nobody important.

Dragoncat0228 Dragoncat0228
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

I can not argue with you there Vignette, your thoughts are right on!

Point taken, there is nothing wrong with looking at the bright side, but we should never underestimate the ability for mankind to come up with ideas from the darker side. We must be ever vigilant Vignette, otherwise we could look up and find ourselves in deep trouble.

Wow! I was really upset about something when I wrote this one! <br />
Hmmmmm, we're all free... you just will owe until the day you die! And if they can come up with a way to tack that balance onto your childrens debt --- you better believe they will.