A Commentary On Love…

A commentary on Love…

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and everyone who felt the need to make a show of affection has done so. I’d like to put this out there… just to think about. Why do we even need a commercialized day… to demonstrate the fact that you love and care for someone? I know that those who make money selling their “products” on Valentine’s Day may not like what I have to say about this but… if you really “Love” someone why not make an effort to show them EVERYDAY? It doesn’t have to be a “Big” thing, it can be an encouraging word, a thoughtful gesture, a big warm hug, a smile, a wink, a peck on the cheek, a hand written note…

Love is an “Incredible Force”, invisible… yet profoundly reflected in the eyes of those that feel it!  I’ve seen it heal. I’ve seen it pull people back from diving into the “Abyss”. I’ve seen it turn lives around, help addicts kick their addictions. Help those in prison find the right path(s). I’ve seen it make a weak person strong, and a stronger person, stronger still --- simply because they opened their heart to a tiny little infant. It removes frown lines, warms and softens the coldest hearts. Gives hope to the hopeless, and when returned… makes parents, grandparents, godparents, and friends and family… feel incredibly strong, and unbelievably proud. Why you might ask? Maybe it is because it is a characteristic of an individual who cares for more than just themselves… a sign that a “human being” is stretching to become a “higher being”.

Just my perspective…

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GOD is LOVE ! LOVE is celebrated everyday my friend ! HUGS

Ahhhh! That is the power of love!

I see what you mean Dragoncat0228, though I too don't agree with the need to do something "big" on that day I still think it's important to take a day and celebrate the love between people. Sure a hug, a wink, encouraging words are great to recieve throughtout the year, but taking one day where you shower the other with attention and love is still a good idea be it on February 14th or any other day.

agreed with above statements. unfortunately, it's become such an over-hyped holiday that you're judged upon what you receive...it's as if what "crap" you get that day defines your relationship. here's to breaking all the rules and buying the goodies after the holiday..hey it's a 50%-75% discount :D

That is..." funtastic" and is as it should be!

Love is remarkable and I celebrate it every day of the year.

Joseph Campbell revealed a lot about the power and lessons behind myths!

I agree with the commerical aspect of holidays and celebrations in our materialistic America. I do think the ancients had it more correct. According to Wikipedia or whatever- the Romans had a 3 to 5 day festival/ritual/celebration during this time of the year. Where there was sacrifice of a goat, running around almost naked through Rome, whipping symbolically the woman for fertility. It was all quiet cathartic and useful. We are a modern city withour rituals, symbols and or rites of passage. I am a devotee of Joseph Campbell. It is not just about simple mythology but archetypes and spiritual/psychological understanding. Thanks for the compliment on my username. and may the force be with you always!!! if you want to read any more of my writing i do hubpages also. - Here is my take on love. http://hubpages.com/hub/divinehunter