Wasted Emotions

I was thumbing through an old notebook and found this...

   Wasted paper trapped beneath this sword of blue,

wasted emotions I feel inside when I think of all of you;

   Wasted time I spent thinking you really cared,

wasted, all my breath went, with all the pain I shared;

    Wasted cries I hollered out as I picked myself up off the floor,

wasted, the second chance I gave you, as you pour salt on the wound you bore;

    Wasting away you left my innocence, you the worst betrayl,

wasted trust and friendship I gave you, oh how you battered my mind so frail;

    Wasted is the advice once spoken, for you are imprissoned in anothers stride,

wasted are the trips I've taken, thinking you had tried;

    Wasted sweat you left behind on the one whom I thought you held dear,

wasted love I got and I gave, wasted are the years;

    Wasted are the tears I've cried turning away from my twisted devotion,

leaving you with the confusion and a prayer, and all these wasted emotions.

 -This poem is coming from a tattered heart I once had, I hope maybe I will comfort someone with my words, in knowing you are not alone...The only other thing I can offer is my favorite verse, psalms 56:3   = )

Toshamaye Toshamaye
22-25, F
May 22, 2007