Take for example, the anime: Naruto, Bleach, and Sword Art Online.

These are anime that are so popular and mainstream, I don't want to watch them. I have this complex of popularity, that if something is spoken of all the time or is displayed everywhere, I will refuse to have it, watch it, read it, whatever.

It's only certain things though, like that example. I love ninja and pirates just as much as anyone else. They are vague topics though, like... there are many different ninja, but only one Naruto.

And it's not as though I don't like whatever is popular.. I've seen a little of Naruto and enjoyed it. -I just get sick of seeing or hearing about whatever it is, so sick it's just revolting to try to experience it myself.-
Huh, that summarized the whole story.
Turbulence Turbulence
18-21, M
Jan 13, 2013