Funny story :')
Anyway so last week I was playing rugby against our rival team, it was a huge match!
Toward the end of the game a bloke ran straight at me so tackled him pretty hard and I took him to the ground.
As I rolled off the guy, one of his mates runs up to me while I'm on the ground and starts pounding my melon with his fists, and then he runs off!
I stumbled off the field and my coach said I had a concussion! I didn't really have a clue what was going on!

Later on that week I was at training and I was told not to play but I did anyway (because I'm so tough ;) ).
Then one of my own players kneed me in the noggin and I was out cold!!

I didn't know what day it was or where I lived so I went and saw a doctor and apparently getting two concussions within about ten days is bad!
Who knew? :')
Marc99 Marc99
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Lol that sounds REALLY serious, man!!
I think you know whom you are now. Right, Marc? :'D
Rugby is so awesome! I went to see one of my friends play it in April and it was so cool!
Plus, cute boys in short shorts ;) hahahahah perfect sport :)