I keep hearing someone talking about "Would you get back with your ex?" I am sure alot of people would, but not me. I feel no attachment to either one of my children's father's in that way. I can put that on my kids and the bible. I am single and I have the freedom to do what I want. I can go over to my ex's house right now and chat very easily without it even going there. In fact one of my kids dad tries to school me on my social life and offers money to help me if I need it. I don't have to be with my kids dad for my son's cousins to still call me auntie. Idk why, but my ex's mom teaches them to still call me that. btw!  I can pick up whichever child I want when I want and do whatever I want--no questions asked. Especially my favorite little girl. All that with NO relationship. So why would I go back? I have all the freedoms right now. The day that I do get into a new relationship is the day that things will change, but until then I am doing nothing wrong and no one has a right to judge my actions or my whereabouts.
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If the split up was not mutual then I can see the issues that it brings about.