Alright. Have any of ya'll watched movies and just all of a sudden be like really turned on while watching them? This is my list of movies that turn me on but shouldn't really have that big of an affect of me:
1.) Dirty Dancing; Some reason, this turns me on big time.
2.) Juno; I recently watched this, and it only turned me on when Mark and Juno were alone in the house together (even though practically nothing happened between them)
3.) Blue Valentine and The Notebook; of course. Who isn't attracted to Ryan Gosling?
4.) Urban Cowboy; Okay did John Travolta seem extra hawt in this movie or is it just me? I love the atmosphere of the movie, it's a beautiful country setting.
5.) An Education; This movie isn't very well known, but it's basically pretty hot.
6.) Crazy, Stupid, Love; Oh yeah. Okay I have a tiny reason to feel this way with that movie...
7.) The Hangover; I know it's weird... but I'm attracted to Ed Helms.
8.) Bedtime Stories; Yes the PG one with Adam Sandler. I'll tell you what, Adam. I'll tell you the bedtime story, and you get in my bed.
9.) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation; Please don't judge... but let's just say that younger version of Chevy Chase... ahhhhh
10.) The Great Gatsby (both the older version and newer); I don't know if it was the exctitement I had that I had already read the book and know what happens orrrr I just loved the aurura of it all.
That was tough.
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Who doesnt get turned on by leonardo Dicaprio?

The Girl Next Door movie turns me on.