I am addicted to looking pretty. The only things in my life that I look forward to are hair appointments, appointments for eyelash extensions, trying out new beauty products, and going out to the bar looking hot.
When I look pretty I feel a sense of happiness.
I'm about to go buy a lip plumper for $60.. I hope this addiction doesn't progress to anything drastic.. The addiction right now is unhealthy but not to the extent that it's harmful.
The ironic thing is I'm not a shallow person, and the only persons looks I care about is my own. I don't have expectations for others to look good, but I have very high expectations for myself.

I realize I sound like a stuck up *****. I swear I'm not. Sometimes I feel like my appearance is the only thing I have going for me. Everyone has always told me how pretty I am, I have always turned heads, gotten jealous glares and lustful stares. (I swear I'm modest in real life. Ep is just a safe place to explain things)
A young girl who was probably about 7 once told me I look like a princess, it was the sweetest thing ever.

no one knows who I am as a person. I'm not so sure anyone cares.
I'm just the pretty girl every one wants to look like but nobody wants to be.
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I know how you feel. As I've gotten older I stopped caring if I look good or not because everyone I've ever been with who was attracted by my looks destroyed me so now I think I gained weight and stop wearing makeup to keep people away. I still miss being pretty though. It's a double edge sword.

No doubt you would be irresistable and my p***y would tingle like crazy!! Please add me for more chat n fun.

hmmm... interesting... and thanks for sharing. it's like a peek behind the blinds! :D

You sound like a great person. (This isn't sarcasm, it sounded sarcastic, so I thought I should just let you know it's not.)

Great experience. Thank you for sharing with such honesty, don't listen to all the haters on here - most don't understand where you're coming from.

Thank you so much I appreciate that :)

Well maybe you should allow people to get close to you so they can know you as more than the attractive girl that turns heads.

Interesting, but don't say everyone wants to look like you. There are many nature freaks here who prefer the natural look and like to like real and not like it takes a lot of work to look like something they aren't. I respect your honesty but I am going to be very honest as well. Many men don't want to look like you, and many natural women don't either. You might be pretty due to society's conditioned standards, but I think I will find much more beauty in nature, which is my addiction.

The funny thing is 90% of the time I don't wear makeup, I just look foreword to my appointments too much.

Ah I see, sort of like a frequent pamper

Yea pretty much

OMG! How old are u??? I joined this group thinking serious ppl would be here.. Grow the f up and live the real life! Let me know when there is a real application for real problems... And guess what??? I am really pretty too so??? ******* big deal!

Lol, you think I don't have real problems? Clearly you haven't read any of my other experiences. *****.

You are just fine. Please don't let angry haters like Tananea alter your pleasant personality. Add me for chat please.

Perhaps you are "really pretty too", but an ******* none the less. Get a freekin life!

Add me ???

There's more to you than just a pretty face. By enabling yourself to this addiction you're not only telling yourself but everyone else a pretty face is who you are. The only way you'll get any peace from this I'd when you decide whatever you hold dearest on the inside is more important than the way people perceive you.

I'm not sure I understand what problem you have or think you have.

You used the word "shallow" I assume in reference to those who care mostly about the looks of their partners. But, what if two people are together and one likes the other's looks and the other likes the other's money and it works for them. Is that shallow? Just trying to say that I'm not sure it's useful to worry about these generally accepted moral standards. Maybe people use the term shallow a lot in this context to try and get people to care less about looks. Possibly because we are worried we aren't good looking enough.

Anyway, it seems as though you think there is something not good or wrong about loving your own beauty. It's the kind of thing that makes me think "What's Going On?" You're not telling others they aren't good looking. You're not putting up posters of yourself with the tag line "now that's what a real woman looks like". You just love making yourself look beautiful. Maybe there's a way you can turn it into something u do for a living - a blog... I don't know. It's not my thing.

If you do some soul searching and really find that this preoccupation with your looks is not something that you really care about and that you are into it for other reasons, e.g., you have this thought that says you're worthless unless you're physically beautiful... Then ok, you need to work on this. I've heard acceptance and commitment therapy ("ACT") with a good practitioner can be valuable.

But if you find that beauty is just something you love, including your own, then why look to change things? And if you really do love this, but you really think some actions are over the top, then you might want to work with a professional to try and bring things down to a level you consider healthy.

Appearance is what it is. It does say something about who you are, and I'm not meaning "shallow". I just mean appearance is a sort of expression. Some are more purposeful about this form of expression than others. Looks get a bad rap. Maybe it's an equalization thing. People can only control looks to a certain extent and they don't like that. Sure, they can get people into trouble; people use them to make quick decisions about others - as a shortcut. We all love shortcuts. And they can be misleading.

But, don't let any "shoulds" you have in your head tell you what is ok to like about yourself or at all. You have the right to love looking the way you do. And, if that is what you love, and you come to accept that about yourself, and are honest about it, and don't try to hide it, you'll attract people who are like-minded and/or who like that aspect of you. FWIW.

I dont want to look like you or be you. Sorry.

I love your honesty. You are real. :)

thank you :) x

Wow. This post of yours is really genuine, full of emotions, and truth. First step is clearer - Accepting.
Next step is to work towards a proper goal, maybe using less products day by day, or week by week. And having 1 day where you say just on 'natural look'. Caring for yourself but cutting on the appointments. Socializing with people, wishing good morning & such. From these, start to build relationships and connections :)
Best of luck Beautiful person, and by beautiful im referring to the person :)
Have a great night & a joyful day tomorrow!

Thank you so much :)

By the way I meant 'cleared' aha :

Really ;)

Then qhy dont ypu post it as a confession and not as an experiance??

Because it's both?

Oh so you posted it in both places??

Omg. Go **** around somewhere else, people don't post experiences to get stupid comments.

You should also post it as a confeastion.

I don't get people are so annoying on EP

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I wish some day you will be rewarded for something other than your looks.

Thank you. :)

Let people get to know you better. But be careful with that opinionated personality!