Sometimes I really do suck
jennasawthat jennasawthat
22-25, F
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I love that!

keep it positive, you're awesome :)

What do you mean?

But do you swallow?

Yes, a key question.

That's a good thing😊

Would love to chat

Please share more! If you want more experience I will let you practice, guide you along

at something or something? can you define? thanks. :)

Could you please add me? I'd really like to chat with you

good girl

no miss i don't think so

yes, we all do....sometimes in pleasure sometimes in pain

So are you any good at it when you do? And .....spit or swallow?

I would love to chat with you about fun things we could do together . Love to know what kind of lingerie really makes your day more fun and enjoyable!



What do you suck at?

that is fine with me

i bet you do ;)

wat a confession.........liked it


So do I! But I get over it!

Hmmm interesting. I didn't know you represented the entire human population going through any measure of problems.

**** off and die ****.

The fact you can admit it says a lot about you. You aren't nearly as awful as you think you are.