More than 50% of these 'confessions' are BS.

Plucked from the warped mind of teenage drama queens.

I confess it, i really do. & if that makes me a bad person...

Well, i better go cut myself :)

Flicksy Flicksy
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Mine are all true xx

Someone never learned "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Don't worry bout it. Don't think aloud. Turn your head and baby just spit me out.<br /><br />
So in this almost empty gin palace, through a 2 way looking glass, you see your Alice.<br /><br />
I love being held tight in the dark of night by a woman.<br /><br />
The rustle of the sheets. The softest of sighs.I dress nice for bed.<br /><br />
I am, i confess a bit lonely. This too will pass.<br /><br />
Recite the econicum. Respect all. Fear none.

thats very slim shady gurl

at first my mind wen blank and black and white and then blank again......<br /><br />
<br /><br />
doing all that while doing the gangnam style dance lol

Cutting isn't a joke.

I appreciate the intellect but the bitchiness in annoying. You seriously, in your whole life, have never done anything that you were too ashamed or scared to admit to anyone? Let these people say what they have to say and keep your low blows to yourself the next time you get so bored you have the thought to ***** about something. Thanks. ;)

I agree, and you amuse me fellow teenager.

does it really matter? the point is that is gives people an outlet..

i dont even know what to say to this normally i would laugh and probably say something like that until my life went to **** so thanks for making me feel as if what i have to say on here makes me a drama queen i would have thought that being on this site would maybe better some of me because there wouldn't be comments like this to make me rethink everything... as if it is annoying to others..thanks

No it don't make you a bad person, everybody got their apinion, welcome to the love club,

why on earh would you joke about something like that. when people come here and they confess what is on their minds, they dont just say whatever they want to. and i think its sick that you would joke about going and cutting yourself, your making a joke out of this whole thing. that is just sick. If i missunderstood you than i am trully sorry.

Your a jerk.

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Eh, some of them do sound quite fantastical.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
If I were to ever put one up here it would be genuine, which is why I haven't posted on yet, too much of a coward to put one out there.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Yay for me.

thinks shes bullshitting 2?

what about?

not so sure if there bullshitting now do you?
btw i know my friend kept his school bullying and feelings bottled up all to himself and he cut until he got tired of it then he went and hung himself in his back yard because of stuff like this so talk what chu know

Ooo thats nice sit there and make fun of someones confession feel better?

I do agree that some of these could be fake, and I think it is brave for you to come out with agreeing on that subjects.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
I thought this site was about finding solace in others... But after reading some of the comments that are being posted and the harsh language being used, I am second-guessing this site. I just joined about 15 minutes ago, and this being one of the first impressions I have is very negative and makes me rethink what I am doing here.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Just my opinion, though. I don't mean any harm to any of you. I have nothing to gain from that.

Not to mention, making a joke about people cutting - which is quite serious.
I find it rude and disrespectful.

Gotta add your Dads coworkers sons daughter (who just tuned 18 4mins ago )

is there a '****' of on the reactions bar?

Cutting yourself is'nt something to ******* joke about *****. As for this **** being BS then what you write is BS so there. And not all of use are teens or drama queens if you dont like what you read then dont read it!

LOL true that

and THIS is why im kinda skeptical about talking...

Yea there are definetly some that you read and it is just so ridiculously obvious its some guys wet dream "I had sex with my hot teacher..." and it turns into an erotica novel. Still entertaining :)<br /><br />
At the same time the world is full of weird people and it's a relatively safe place to be honest..

couldnt have said it my self (claps).

I know we are all entitled to our own opinions but some people on here are sincere, this is the only avenue of thought expressed to other human beings... for some people.

1) don't joke about cutting, I had a friend who did that and she almost died, not kidding. <br /><br />
2) shut up you freaking idiot. I may be a teenager, but I'm not kidding about my brother doing drugs just cause we moved or idiots at school. I dont kid about feeling hollow and wishing to be anywhere but this miserable little mudball stuck with idiots who can't look past they're own noses (cough cough YOU cough cough) or really wanting to just take an axe to something out of pure rage at the idiocy that surrounds me. Go fu** yourself you butthole.

You must be hiding something if u think this **** is crap, or fake or whatever. You must've never been threw some REAL **** to understand. I kinda feel sorry for you.

ERRATA: The world must be completely REORGANIZED

A few are lies or copy-and-paste stories.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Teen-Age Drama Queen ?<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Between the cared-for life of a child, and the responsible life of the adult there is the in-between.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
think on this - The world must be completely organized in order to transition from having your needs met by others to meeting your own, and those of others.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
A childhood of training for adulthood can only ease the passage through the physical and biochemical transformation that accompanies the societal role transition.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
One definition of schizophrenic is to be in a different or many worlds and unable to recognize and express or coordinate in a way that is meaningful to all of them.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Transitional Schizophrenia=Adolescence.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Fortunately some have a milder case than others.<br /><br />
More fortunate, many of the rest find a way to put it behind them, or accept it for what it was.

Really joke about cutting? I used to cut. You have no right to make fun of it. Those who cut are in pain and need help. Seriously... I have lost all respect for you after I read this.

hahaha you just wrote what the rest of us are thinking haha

well some of these confessions r true and they try to find help here. most of these people actually do have problems. so try to toe down the i hate everything jack ***

thnk you havent experienced life the way these people have who need to confess .................and sumtimes in life if u eva feel need or desire to share n uve got no one around ur welcome to ths site ............but wht u said rite now is total bullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiittttttt !!!!!!!cumin frm a total robotic materialistic .........mind .actually knw wot sum ppl r born wid n empty head nd n empty chest.withou heart. mayb u dunt but wot u said suckkkkkkkd!!!!!!!!

i wrote that last message before i saw roj posted, it had nothing to do with what he said(i was talking about your previous post =P)

Roj is my brother bukoden, lol. And yes, Roj, my beginiing and end are great, it's he 14 pages in between i'm worried about :P

lol, flicksy, now who is being messed with =P<br />
<br />
hey look, i think i found rachel's head!!<br />
*holds up head*

This story is too long to read now Flicksy. Start and end show promise though.<br />
<br />
Rach mightn't be signing. Could be writing on her naked body using blood still oozing from her neck stump? And getting frustrated because she's running out of room. Needs to find another body to write on.

No no nooo!!<br />
Stop commenting like this people... <br />
<br />
<br />

oh we know that there are some bad things things that happen in this world, we also just know that some of the things posted on here are a load of BS(which you will get with animosity because no one can call you out on it to your face in front of others that know you)

You can't rach - you sign.

How am I able to talk with no head

right, wrong head<br />
<br />
wel, i think it might have rolled over that way after i cut it off<br />

NOOOOO - I gave her a gold plated head man, that i stole of mariah. When whitney stole my kids. Which are also Micheal Jacksons kids. But she keeps them in jars.<br />
You with me now?

oooo, i'll be a head hunter XD<br />
<br />
i'm the one that cut it off, but i could have sworn flicksy did something with it afterwards...

yay, the story continues XD<br />
<br />
flicksy's sis was lesbian?<br />
wait, does that mean fr8 is flicksy's dad?

WHAT?!?!?! I don't have the bloody noggin!!<br />
Lets go on a head hunt.<br />

Story goes: Rach got woken NOT by a dark prince, but rather; a dark princess! Hahaha.. <br />
This princess was flicksys deranged hostile sister on the run.. <br />
Kitty, again didn't like this. She killed the deranged sister but Rach had already fled.. into the arms of...............................................

Rumor says you got my head, fork it over flicks or risk yourself wrath.

246, actually...but yes, very insane, lol<br />
<br />
so then that dark prince found you and gave you your kiss?

omg 244 comments, insane

I think these comments have gotten a little out of hand. 25 pages my goodness...

i think i will start being a vampire in other places as

so that means fr8 might be my father?

You're stilll going to be a vampire Bukoden, i promise. Maybe ill even change it up, so that you go back (or is it forward) in time and your born tomorrow, therefore making you the viable man for the job.

awww, i was enjoying being a vampire =(

i guess fr8 being the father could make since...

Okay, flicksy has to go home now (to cut her self of course!) so she'll write up a conclusion to our story tonight, and finish it off here tomorrow.<br />
Lovely story telling with you. Lets hope some emos got inspired by how much better thay have it than us :P<br />
Byeeee. x

well, i still say i'm a dark prince...and a sexy one at that ; )

WRONG!!!!!! <br />

Okay i'll tell you. That Twilight fellow, edward something or other?<br />
<br />
Dark dark family there. History of cuting and deep depression and what not.

oooo, i know!!<br />
ME, i'm his father XD

so i'm actually in love with both rachel AND kitty?

He's the freeking dark prince man! He can do anything!! do you knowww who his father is?

:D hahaha. shh, secrets safe with me kid.<br />
<br />
and anyone else who bothers reading this far into the comments :P

newborns can't crawl, let alone use latters...(and i just realized it was kitty that i had apparently fallen in love with =P)

And yes, you did. But the feeling weren't returned, so you went crazy and killed Michael Jackson.<br />

He uses a 3 step laddar to get up there right? Crawls on her face - which rach enjoys throughly !! - and plants one on her. It's not impossible.

wow, i think i should stop talking, it sounds like i really do have a crush on her, lol

i am pale naturally(and now a vampire, so even paler =P)<br />
<br />
how would a newborn albino baby dark prince kiss her?

didn't i fall in love with her earlier?

Hmmm, you may be onto something Bukoden.<br />
Noo, no that doesnt work at all im afraid.<br />
The only prince that can cure her isnt born until tomorrow i said, he's dark but has pigmentation so he really looks albino.

yay favs XD<br />
and of course i give as well as receive, but only the correct gender terms for each(i only do females, sorry any gay guys =P)

aren't vampires called dark prince(the male ones, anyways)

Hahaha, don't run imminent, we're all friends here. Bukoden can handle it. He gives as well as recieves. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA''<br />
Nawww buko, y'know you my fave vampire. :D

bukoden never planned on getting *********** in the first place, so is not too upset about that

*runs away before this turns gender mean*

& Rachel fell into a deep slumber and could only be awoken by a kiss from the dark prince.<br />
<br />
But he isn't born untill tomorrow.

Ninight Rach!!! Sweet dreamsss!

good night you guys, been fun

No bukoden, i was just aiming and firing at you dear :)

*********** is what a girl gets, not guys<br />
are you gender confused?

i'm a guy, would love to be a vampire by any means, and thanks for finally turning me XD

sigh.<br />
*bites bukoden*<br />
Greeeat now HE'S in love with Kitty, and is pissed that i bit him instead.<br />
<br />
Bukoden then realises Kitty is a zombie, and a zombie and a vampire just cant work. His black heart is broken and he never recieves *********** again,

how about just saying 'lick my *****'<br />
guys won't care =P

how does 'bukoden head down'?

You're not taking my head priveledges ffs bukoden, BACK OFF B!TCH!!!!<br />
<br />
Girls cop head too!!!!!!!!!<br />
I'll be funked if i'm saying 'i'd like some *********** baby'. Get ar$ed man, thats not fair :(<br />
'iM FACE FUNKING YOUU TONIGHT' sound waaaay classier.

bukoden is tired of waiting to be turned, so he bites himself trying to turn into a vampire without aid...

*bukoden head down*<br />
<br />
wanders how a female can give head

You dont call robin for marriage counselling Rach - take it from me.<br />
<br />
He stole my bf in gracde 3. He was my finger painting teacher - except i had no fingers. My mum cut them off for eating the last peiece of bread in the house.