I love wearing schooluniform dresses they are so comfortable
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I would love to see you in one!

I have never worn one, but would...

And so sexy to

let's see

Love to see you in that

What a turn on to see!

can i see you in one ?

Most comfortable when they are taken off! Lol!

Awesome...can I see please?

It was a school alumni, we the classmates meeting together after 25 yrs. We decided all of us wearing school uniform..... I never thought it would end up in such a fun!!!

Love to see that. Please add me.

Oh yes with white panties...maybe pulled down for a spanking.

sexy ones?

did you like wearing them to school as well?

they are so girly and sexy too

so what ??

I love when girls and women wear them

nice girl

And I bet you have the legs to show off to mmm

I love women wearing school uniform dresses!

Is it really because they are comfortable? Maybe something else as well?

Nothing wrong with that what ever makes you comfortable

Bet you still look great in it! Would love see!

i would luv to see that!!!!!!!!!!!

And very sexy

Did you have to wear them when you were in school? And why do you think they a real more comfortable than, say, other types of lounging clothes? Just curious.

yes I did at school and have some now. they just seem to fit me well and feel goo.

Wow! Thanks for the quick response. I went to Catholic grammar school. We had to wear "salt & pepper cords" and grey sailcloth shirts. The girls had blue plaid jumpers, I think in 7th and 8th grade they were allowed to wear just plaid skirts and always white blouses. I never thought of it as more comfortable than sweats and a t-shirt, however, you've now got me wondering if any of the girls I had a crush on in grammar school would like to go back to wearing the plaid skirts and white blouses. Come to think of it the dresses were pretty long and you wouldn't have to wear anything else. Hmmmmm, I think I see your point.

and sexy xo

and sexy

Will I ever see you in that skirt ?

Are your skirts short ?
I'd love to see you in one ?

Thinking on what you just said, girls in uniforms, brings back a flood of fond memories of grammar school. We were so innocent, but it was still a thrill to see the bare legs of the girls and on occasion catch a flash of white panties.

Would love to see you in one....please friend

would like U in one for me too

They also look very sexy

and sexy

Wow - my mind is racing now - would love to see a pic

i would love to see you in that uniform

And I bet u look good in them to.

'Comfortable.'<br /><br />
<br /><br />

interesting lol