I Confess....I love to Show Young Boys and Older Men,  (I guess Men of all Ages) Up My Skirt when ever I'm out.  I became this way from when I was a School Teacher, now the Older I have became, the Worst I getting.    I guess there Body Reactions from Looking,  the Facial expressions and the Thoughts that my Husband doesn't know what I like to do, is so Excting.........Watching them Stare at my Wide Open Gusset is so THRILLING..........
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mmmmm yessss teacher !

I know what you mean I do the same

I would enjoy looking up your Skirt...
Then have you wrap your thighs around my neck...

Good for you !

Fun for you and those who see you! How old were you when you realized the magic you had under your skirt? And when did you start intentionally teasing others? ;)

When I was about 8 or 9 Yrs Old

lol - swinging on a swing in a playground?

Enjoy your fun :D

Our HS bookkeeping teacher would sit on a empty desk next to me, her feet on a rung, with her skirt hiked up and her legs spread. I would look up her dress and could see her pubic hair sticking out around her panties. She would often look at me and smile, as she shifted her self around..She kept me hard all through class. She would often touch me when ever we got close.

Mmmmmmm, would love too!

Mmm flash me

👍😆 oh yeah. .Good girl.

My goodness what a naughty girl you are. I would love to bump into you when you are out being naughty. Does your husband have any idea how bad you can be?

Good for you, don't slow down Hon.

Being naughty in a sexual way IS SO exciting and helps you to KNOW that you are VERY desirable.... Keep it up.. My first wife was a grade school teacher and never wore panties - even during the mini-skirt era, just for the excitement she received...

It is so Exciting

My wife loved to sit in public with her legs open so folks could see that she was not wearing panties, and watch their reactions.. Many came up to introduce themselves..

If you ever want to chat feel free to leave me a note. and I will get back to you.. .Or if I am on say hello...

I love chatting with older women. Please add.

love to chat please add me

Its thrilling to us too... You're so lovely.... You're so sensual... You ooze sexy....

So erotic, I love the thrill of looking. Thank you for the story :)