This is really hard for me to admit... I know it goes against all of society's rules but...

I eat raw cookie dough.

There. I admitted it. Please. No judgement.

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You.... Are.... SUCH a rule breaker. I am absolutely shocked that anyone (other than me) would admit to something like that.

I shan't judge you

Can't you get worms from that? Hahaha.

You and most women.

I've eaten raw cookie dough must of my life. As long as the eggs are fresh your fine. I don't use or purchase remanufactured cookie dough and try to stay away from processed food anyway! That stuff will kill you!

Actually? You still are not safe even with fresh eggs. Chances are you will be fine, but there is one chance in I don't know, a million, lol. That an egg will have salmonella. That's why it is never advisable to consume raw eggs anymore. No guarantees in life and all.
Anyway, how you been?

I've been well. And thank you for pointing out that statistic. I'll takes me chances! And the other point,"there are no guarantees in life". Wish people would figure that one out sooner.

Ha. Yes, I knew you were the type to live on the edge. The way my luck runs I'd get that one egg in a million my first bite. Lol.

Well my out look is you can't really live unless your willing to live like your going to die.

Nice. After all, we are all going to die. Lol. But most of us are just whistling past the grave yard. I often wish I could have lived my life, but it was spent appeasing others needs and wants. Not that I'm whining about it. ( OK. Yeah I do. lol). But hell, I figure it's must be nearly over so, maybe next life. Haha. BTW. What's the BNH ?

Your not dead yet!?

I understand sometimes life gets in the way of living. I think as we get older we begin again to live like we were children when we had no concept of dying so we lived. Our middle years are spent trying to stay alive. Our silver years is a realization that we my not be here tomorrow. That really effects people.

I will never take a risk that I can't mitigate. But neither do I fear what "might" happen. I just prepare and do the best I can. The rest is up to chance.

Yeah, but I just recently decided that when I die? I ain't going no where. No heaven, no hell. I'm keeping my butt right here and haunting everyone. Why take the chance?

Mrs. < in a domestic relationship where I am the wife. Joanie < my fem version of my male name. B < first letter in my last name as it appears on my birth certificate and the Declaration of Independence. NH < the state in which I reside.

Ahh. Yeah. I never would have figured that out. Lol. Well the Joanie part yeah. But the BNH was beyond me. Haha.

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Lol... Been doing that for years... It's so much better than baked

What is EPAllie doing???? Ehy is this post still up? How many EP guidelines are broken here!!!!! I am in shock.

You're evil incarnate.....

Go to your priest and get exorcised immediately you degenerate....


I'd like to know how it tastes,I'v never done it before.

Get yourself to a support group

I judge you

You monster

how is that wrong? and if it is I don't want to be right! I ate it tonight too! xp

I do too.

there is still an anonymous feature

You are a rebel. Do you really get wild with it and add it to ice cream?

Mmmmmmm. Yummy!!

Wow you are so brave for admitting this xD

lots of people like cookie dough... hence the ice cream flavor

oh :)

You friend!!!!!how could you

I do too. Haven't died yet. Death by raw chocolate chip cookie dough sounds okay. Then people could say, she died eating what she loved. ;p