I have a teenage neighbour who plays with himself in his room with the curtains open. I can see in from my spare room. 3 months now and he knows I watch and has started to 'perform' as I watch him. Going to end in disaster
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He wants to do you!

You should do the same in your room, he'll enjoy it for sure

Have you let him see you?

just in undies

No disaster if you TEACH him slowly how to please you via the window.....:)

I hope that by now you have relieved his tension.

Talk to him...tell him is dangerous to meet but...get his ph # and tell him you can perform for each other while you talk on the ph. Just like performing on cam.

Meet him, at your house when you are alone.

Hopefully he's 19 and the 'disaster' means you cunning on his ****.

You should give him a good show in return and play with your ***** for him! You'll both benefit! DAMN I wish I lived next door to you!

he do it for you

I am so turned on

If he is turning you on, HOW are you planning on letting HIM know how YOU feel? Returning the favor maybe...:)

What does he do specially for you as he performs?