I really enjoy s€x.....a lot.
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Is s €x the same as sex becuase I hear it's fun. May have to try it sometime. I've done a lot of research on the subject.

Missed you Larry. I lost your number when my phone broke. 😢

Say what? You should have that **** memorized by now and written somewhere in your diary and at the very least tattooed upon your curvy canvas

i hear Ya, nothing better then great sex

Bet you think about it a lot, too. I know I do; I also think about how to keep it exciting, and fun, and different - I think she appreciates my efforts, and I certainly appreciate the results! :-)

It's life's simplest and greatest pleasure

The disparity between how much one enjoys it, and how much one gets, is where the problem comes in. :-D

I know what you mean I do too it is so good will you add me as your friend

Meeeee too !!!

Lol you and me both!!

Don't we all??

You really enjoy what


Me too and Im almost 6 decades old? Is that normal ???

Youre SUPPOSED TO enjoy it

Who doesnt

that sounds like you are pandering for sex.

I liked reading this, and I hope you find someone very soon who can and will help you with that.

I know I enjoy it as well.... I enjoy it even more when my partner is into it as well!!!

I just wanna skypesex

You and just about everyone else. Climb aboard...

Nothing wrong u r a real woman we supposed to lov sex woman that don't lov sex should confess we men love you

Me too... I want more.

What, you are unsatisfied?

Most people do enjoy sex a lot. No news flash here.

good to know

Why you put in confession..is it good,..everybody love sex..lot and lot..be good

And you dated men on here and I wasn't told !?!!? Oh man this sucks

Ummm. Yeah. Me too. Although it's not a confession....

That's good, because if you don't you shouldn't !

Me, too!! MMMM

good statement,lol

Lol so do I. It sometimes has baffled my partners that despite the fact that I'm turning 42 fairly soon, actually July 1st, I have the sex drive and desire of someone 20 years my junior. They are usually done for the night after the first time and I am ready to go again not too long after.

I do hope one day that I find someone who can keep up.


Who doesnt

I will enjoy it more when I do it with someone like you

so.... your a normal woman.

Saxophone? :-)

Ok, so you like sex...alot..hm., I'd worry if you did'nt..you gotta have meat on that bone for people to bite...so we'll have to disqualify your " confession ", as a confession..for now...ciao, Ray

What's wrong with enjoying it. As long as your not hurting anyone.

so enjoy it
live live, love sex

sax as in saxophone right? 😂😂

No comment

me too. Only my partner is always too stressed. so my drive has slowly dropped. and we were never particularly adventurous. It's a shame really. I tried so hard to relax her, reduce her stressors. made me look elsewhere once it got so extreme :( but decide. Make a decision and be happy with that choice. That's the key.

You're not the only one

Could you show me just how much ...is a lot ?

many do enjoy it
only things difference - Depends on wht tht lots lot

It's a great way to work through stress and control issues.

Might be something wrong with you if you didn't like it a little bit haha

so do i

Oh mah gawd, sound the alarm!!!

who doesnt

Me too

You're perfectly healthy, mentally, emotionally n physically so yr confession makes sense..

Thanks my friend.

Me to. I want it everyday. Yo bad the wife only wanted it one time this year

To bad. Not yo bad

Who doesn't? :D

I'll alert the media! 😐

everyone does;)


Hurray you're normal

Nothing wrong with that at all ;)

so do i . welcome to the club hun

s?x means what? $ $

Who doesn't ;)