Im turning 37 this week. Woohoo!!
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Never know by looking at you. But 37 is just a young lady. You got a lot more mileage in you. ;-)

I hope your birthday is is a festive adventure. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! Such a sexy age, young enough to be smoking hot, and old enough to be confident and flaunt it. Have fun!

Happy Birthday. Enjoy the absolute best sexual decade for a woman.


Happy birthday. Palm Springs will be nice. We've had some rain to take the edge off the heat.

Though I heard it will be back to 105 degrees on Thursday. I can drive out from Temecula with frosty drinks and we can run under the sprinklers ;)

Your such a young looking child... ha haa Happy Bday, you do look amazing!

What will you do to celebrate


Happy birthweek! :D

Thank you.



You alone?

HBD to u .

Thank you.

and u r just like an old wine in a new bottle huh!

I feel like it.

hahaa yes u r much of like it huh..

Happy birthday

Thank you.

Nice happy birthday

Happy Birthday!! I hope you celebrate it well.

Advance happy birthday :)

life will be more sweeter.........

It sure will.

Happy Birthday!

Darn it, now I know you are too young for me. But congratulations and keep making the most of life!

Been there done that - a few years ago, all the best for a great Birthday :)

Happy birthday to yoooooooou! Hope your day is filled with lots of fun:)

Dam u old I feel bad

I feel bad for you not learning anything in English class.

Yur a sexy mama!!!

Thank you.

And you still look to die for 😃😃

Awe. Thank you.


happy birthday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sweetheart...........x


I hope my girl looks like you at 37

Awe. Thanks.

That's great! You don't look like it anyway.

Woohoo, congragts my friend. Your like a fine wine, that gets better with age :)

Awe. Thanks.

Your welcome my friend :)

Happy birthday lol :)

Congratulations - you'll soon be in your prime!

Happy Birthday have a great day 🍰

Happy birthday many more

happy birthday!!!

I turn 42 tomorrow. Happy birthday hyc!

Happy Birthday to you as well, my friend.

Thank you my friend

Thank you

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to you

well done for making it this far. :)

It's surprising.

It's not so bad , I'm 40 and feel better than ever. You'll find 37 looks good on you 😊

Happy birthday precious!

I suppose the obvious question is......are you where you hoped you'd be by this point in your life??

I've actually achieved more than I ever thought I would at this age.

A hot 37 yr old lady you will be lol BTW hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great day with family and friends

Happy birthday for...?

PS you look great


Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy it. Remember just because you have an age doesn't mean you have to act it!

you look amazing! Hope u have a great bday!

You old fart!

Happy birthday I'm sure Palm Springs is not going to know what hit them!!If you have time try out Three Sixty North it's a decent restaurant. Enjoy!!!

I'll be sure to try it.

I just checked it out. It's a 3 min walk to the restaurant from my hotel.

yes try it! I love downtown Palm Springs. I know a lot of people like the other places around Palm Springs but old downtown for me is the best. I can still see the hay day of the Rat Pack being there. I hope you have a great weekend and birthday!!!

are you staying at the Hyatt??? This is my Hotel.....but after your birthday party there may not be anything left <sad face> Please leave the hotel for me LOL

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A very happy birthday. Celebrate yourself.

Thanks Tony.

Half way there until you can use your 401k!


You're really that excited?

Lol. I'm joking.

Have any crazy plans for the next 3 years?

Define "crazy"

Staying out past 10pm

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Wow... for 30 you would look amazing... never mind how stunning you look at 37!

Thank you ☺️

Happy birthday young lady x

Ohh kool, 37 is the new 37!!
If your profile pic is accurate, you look absolutely mint for your age. Time likes you.

It's a recent photo. Lol. Thank you.

You are very welcome pretty lady.

Congrats. Happy bday

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday, babe

37 and gorgeous! Happy Birthday week 🎉x

Happy birthday

You are still hot!

Many Happy Returns!!!

You don't look a day over 35

Happy Birthday

happy birthday my darling

Thanks my friend.

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations...anything special for your birthday?

Palm Springs Trip

Hey! That's near me! I'm in Indio. Enjoy the desert and its oven like temperatures! Lol