I woke up before my alarm went off this morning. I actually felt rested. As I laid in bed listening to the silence in my house I started thinking about how lucky I am to be happy and have all that I do. I've come far mentally/emotionally/physically the last few years and am so grateful for my journey. Life is great and it's meant to be enjoyed.
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How wonderful it is to have the ability to enjoy the pleasures of the young, to experience the pleasures of life. However, as age begins to take the toll upon the aged, injured, and the infirmed, it is the serenity of the mind, which replaces the carnal pleasures of youth, and brings them closer to the true spirit of happiness.... in the manner prescribed by our Creator.
There is a formula for conducting our behavior, while in our bodies, which enables us to have more time to enrich our Spiritual selves, in the meantime..... before the joy of becoming one with the whole of all Spirits. There is a new life to be experienced in the Holy Spirit. Would we want to take our spoils of the body to that new life, intended to be a Holy condition? Remember, Jesus gave us the choice to cleans our bodies, which is the Temple of our Spirits, that are commanded of us, before meeting our "God" (Creator), in the Heavens, purged of all Sin. Will we attain that condition? Yes, as Jesus forgave our Sins, as he knew we needed time to repent. Let's hope our Bodies get to the finish line, after casting away our sins, not before.
I want to meet the Lord, as pure as possible, repentant of my sins, without placing more burden upon St. Peter.

You are so lucky.
I do that often.

Now, you know how much a confession cleanses the soul, and warms the heart.

Isn't it just the best time to contemplate any and everything?
Maybe not should I have a bourbon or not, but most things :)

The perfect way to wake up!!

At peace and thankful for your life!

I am happy for you.

Glad to hear you are in good spirits, HYC!! 😀 Keep it up.

Nice to hear someone appreciating what they have got, as opposed to depreciating life for what they haven't got. PMA!

That's great but why is that a "confession"?

In my opinion; The Confession is a secret between yourself and Jesus. It's no one else's business.

you are right life is meant to be enjoyed and I am happy for you, you have probably come to a milestone in your life where you can start to really enjoy your life, all the benefits of your hard work to get to where you are today are now going to be yours for the taking....... well done you I hope you enjoy every second of your well deserved happiness

What if life isn't great and not enjoyable?

Sounds like you found your sweet spot. ;)

Wow that really just made my day. Thank you!