I went out and bought a car today. 2016 Acura RDX. I get excited to drive anywhere now.
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I bet you do...Congrads

Acura= over-priced toyota

Honda not Toyota

Nice ! Lucky you!

But it's not 2016 yet !!

Pics ? :)

Swanky ;) is good to treat yourself to something nice. I see a weekend trip coming...

Yep....every other weekend

sweet. gas that puppy up and do a ROAD TRIP! what part of the country do you live in?

West coast

Perfect. start in san diego, drive up rte 1 to Washington state. hug the coast, and meet as many crazy people along the way as you can

Awesome, many happy miles (kilometers).

A sophisticated lady deserves the excitement that driving a luxury automobile brings her. And how about all those bells and whistles? If you feel like people are looking at you while you drive to your weekend of relaxation at your fabulous spa, it is because they are. You are a super star in a superstar car. 😀

Awesome, have fun!

Good luck wish we can sit together in your new car

What Colour?
Googled it the one shown is Silver.

Black on black

Just googled it ! ... Very nice .... What colour is yours ? Four wheel drive ?

Crystal black pearl exterior & black leather interior. AWD

That sounds so horny !

Your should keep spare panties in the glove box


You are one *lucky* bunny :D



Sweet ride