i had sex for money.

i dont feel guilty about it but i could not possible ever tell anyone. people wouldnt understand.
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Can you elaborate? How did it happen? How did you meet this partner? Many questions.

well you shouldn't have any self esteem problems.

I don't know....it's like being paid to eat your favorite candy. I'm glad you don't feel guilty because there is no reason for guilt. Would all women feel guilty if a lover left money for her to spend after sex? When a husband has wild sex with his wife before work and she tells him that she needs some cash to buy some things today and he leaves a few Ben Franklins on the dresser, did he just pay her for sex?

After my wife made me a ****** by sucking her lovers **** I found it very easy to fulfill her fantasy of being paid for sex.She had done it with a contractor who was working on our house and he gave her a discount. Then she did it casually a few times for coke. She loved it. Both the cocaine and being a coke *****. It would excite me but I hated her doing it.She fantasised about actually being paid in cash.The idea of being a ***** turned her on. The idea of my wife being a hooker disgusted me. I told her that I always saw a hooker, she preferred 'escort' or 'prostitute', as a ****, .She would tease me that I was a ****. She said yes she was but at least she wasn;t a ***. How could I be disgusted with her . She said hooker's were hot, exotic and that **** like me were perverts . She said she;d get paid to suck a guys **** and that I'd have to pay to do it. And she was right. To prove it she arranged through a friend to have a "date".

It is good that you know which deviations are right, and which are wrong.

Its pretty normal easy and the super glee when you count your money is the best feeling ever. At least for me lol Counting easy money is so fun.

It is no one else's business anyway

You shouldn't feel guilty, no, but it is true that most people don't see it that way.


Hey we all do things sometimes because we feel we have too. Nudy is no position to judge and accepts you for who you are.

bAre Hugs

move forward, don't look back

some people would understand

I'm 55 and did that also in my past.. It Fed my children .. Never for drugs.. Never felt guilty.. You will learn and evolve from the experience.. And you will move on to better things

Dw abt it. Judgmental people were a century ago

Why not get a job? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Why would you need to tell anybody any way it's no ones business ... I

That's so cool.

Hats of you sister , as an ex I can feel how much tough it is really , never feel guilty , always in mind that we are the rare one of the society who can do it .

The rest of us just fantasize about what that would be like ;). So on the outside everyone is prim and proper saying 'how horrid' 'i am so sorry'. But deep inside we wonder, what would that be like?

Message me ?

Sorry sweets. I am old enough to be your mum. You need a sweet young thing ;). Trust me.

I've always been w older women :)

Not a problem. I love MILF.

my question is why the heck do people pounce on any opportunity to have cyber-sex...

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How much?

I'm sorry you felt like you had no choice but to sell yourself. I'm glad you no longer do that.

I would look on it as a mind-broadening experience - part of life's journey... which sounds like a bit of a clichรฉ doesn't it?

Have you heard of Brooke Magnanti, who "supplemented her income by working as a London call girl" while studying for her doctorate? She blogged about it under the name Belle de Jour and only revealed her real name when a little irked that people were saying her blog was fictitious.

Do you understand?

i was young and needed the money... cheesey line but its true

I guess what worries me is how you felt while it was happening. A financial transaction is one thing. Feeling humiliated and used is another.

it wasnt great but i didnt feel humilated

Good enough. And it's not a cheesy line--young and needed the money. It's the worlds oldest profession for a reason.

How long ago did this happen?

i had just turned 18 and moved out of home

Have you resorted to this since? Because once, four years ago is just part of your life experience. Absorb it. Don't focus on it.

it wasnt a one time thing but its a thing from the past now

Then that's it. Leave it in the past. Today is what counts.

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