I hate being on my period and being really horny
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Some guys don't mind. I have occasionally had a girl on her period. On one occasion the girl insisted that it started at the moment she orgasmed. All I knew was that her c*nt was delightfully slippery!

I love ******* horny women on their period

Best time for all types of sex...

I'd **** you on your period anyday

it's okay we can still have fun

there is no problem with that. ******* relieve the cramping

Do u do anal instead

Let me help you our :p

Some of the best sex I have ever had was with my partner on her period. It is the same as when you are not on your period except she got really horny while on

Would love to help you out! I love sex during a womans period!

A bonus reason to enjoy anal pleasures!

I can help with the horny

period makes girls horny? i thought......ahh nvm

Do something about it