My best friend likes to walk around naked and has no idea I often fantasize about the things I want to do to her.
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18 Responses Apr 11, 2016

Do tell her

It's the reality of me since so long

I know how you feel lol

I just sent you a message to your profile

Don't you want to chat

You go girl love your work

Oh no... This site is full of bloody fantasists.....

Just do it.

Could be she is teasing you to see what you would do

If shes naked she obviously wants you, no need to ask

That's always an awkward situation

sounds hot

Go ahead and tell her

do them to her

You should have s few drinks and confess

Tell her Leah

Are you sure she's not hoping?

I think you need to talk to her about it.

She probably feels the same way. Being the reason why she does it.

I think she would be okay with it. And thanks! Nice lips they're made for kissing. ;)

LOL! Look on my profile in my photos. ;)

Kool. What's your Kik?


That's hot