So, I believe in God just not religion. In fact I reject religion as an institution and body. I sleep with a bible but have little to no interest in reading it. I like meditating and talking to God/Jesus and I call it a day. I sin like there is no tomorrow. Ok, I exaggerated but I'm no poster girl. I'm in tune with my inner spirit/Holy Spirit and I keep moving.
Am I a bad person? A sinner? A lunatic? I feel worldly but the thought of going back to church community is a no no. Bad experience - I feel like I have to change who I am. Be holier than thou. Not me.. You know?
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god is in You, and even though it is true the new testament is 'divinely' inspired... so is the Egyptian Book of Earth. the spirit is inside you, not a book.

to certain users below...

and what about all the people in the world who've never seen a Bible? does this make their idea of God any less than a Christan with all their adopted 'pagan' holidays/worship of Jews?

not in the least... 'God' was around a lot longer than any of the fake history/gross interpretation of spirituality of the last 1200+/- years since the 'event'.

people should be more concerned about wtf happened to the Earth not too long ago including the civilizations we see in pieces everywhere today, rather than brainwashing themselves God wrote a book... a book they conveniently forget includes God's demands of human sacrifice, racist murdering rampages, laws against women touching anything in the house because she is a filthy, ****** is okay, etc...

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a church. Churches are full of imperfect people, like everywhere else. I'm glad you believe in God and respect the Bible, but I think you are missing out on something vital here. The Bible is not a magic charm, it's the message of God to humanity--a love letter from our Creator. He does not want you to just join some organization, He wants to have a personal relationship with you. He also wants to make you a new person through Jesus: "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17. We have no standing even to pray until our sins have been removed by faith in the death of Jesus on our behalf. I am still astonished that God's Son would love me enough to take my punishment. Knowing that changes everything! You don't have to change yourself--He will do that once you let Him into your heart. Obviously you have a yearning for spiritual reality, and God also longs to give you that. If you'd like to know more, call Focus on the Family at 855-771-4357, M-F 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. mountain time. I pray that you will find the joy and peace Jesus came to give us.

Get a life.