My phone notifications have gone weird ...😳
Recently, sometimes there's no little whatsapp symbol at the top, to let me know there's a message waiting ... but then later on I find that there WAS an unread message, and I don't know why the notifications didn't work ...😡
Today, I woke up my phone on my way home, just to check I hadn't missed any bleeping noises ... and at the top, above the unlock screen, I saw the whatsapp symbol, and the words "message from .." but then the notification just vanished!😱
Obviously I unlocked my phone to check - but nothing! Not a single message!πŸ‘»
Is my phone haunted??πŸ˜•
Am I just extremely unpopular??😜
Was I dreaming???😴
Somebody pinch me!!😫

That isn't MY phone btw - it's just an image from androidcentral ...!πŸ˜…
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Are any other apps having the same behavior with notifications or just WhatsApp? If only WhatsApp I'd delete and reinstall the app. Then double check notification settings.

Hope it gets better ;-)

Thank you - it's ok atm, hopefully it'll behave itself now!πŸ˜…

Let's hope so.

My theory is that texting and electronic communications in general is all part of a giant Chines conspiracy to take over the world. After enough people are entirely dependent on smart phones and real communication is gone, they will shut down the networks and take over. Just wait and see. Your haunted phone is only a small part of the greater plot. Sort of a modern day Tower of Babel in the making.

The Chinese??πŸ˜•
You disappoint me - I thought it was preparation for an invasion by my own people - the Martians ...πŸ˜–
How much longer do I have to WAIT??😫


All of this time I took you to be Venutian. After all, Venus is the goddess of love. Martians seem way to violent to fit your profile.

I've been here undercover ...😳
If you didn't realise that I'm actually a psychotic Martian who enjoys drinking the blood of 20 children with my breakfast, then I've obviously been doing a good job of it!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜—

Only 20? You must be on a diet.

I would enjoy drinking your blood if you were nearby.

I meant that in all of the nastiest ways possible. Distance is really hurting our intergalactic connection.

LOL!! I'll drop down and squash you flat sometime...!πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜›
I always love human-pancakes..!!😜

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Maybe your whatsapp needs updating?

It shouldn't do, it normally updates by itself, and it updated just a few weeks ago ...😯
Anyway, it's been ok since this morning - fortunately!πŸ˜…