I'm an educated female who is a Trap Queen on the inside! After having to act a certain way at my job and in front of my husband she's in hibernation. Although when all alone or with my kids (who knows) She comes out. She listen to Trap music because she's from the deep south she has been 420 friendly until she found out the kids were doing it . So she had to set an example, right?

In her mind she's married to Future or 2 Chainz Yup she goes for the dreaded, tatted bad boy type! When riding she has the music bumping rapping all the latest hits right now her **** is "Money Talk" by T.I.

Well its now time for me to put on my mask and be that other person.

Nih y'all have a good day nih ya hear!
1kallaway 1kallaway
41-45, F
1 Response Apr 19, 2016

I sorry. That sucks but there really is better music out there. Just don't give up

No need to be sorry. You like what you like and I love what I love!