It is the end.
this account will be the only one that remains.
yes, I have had a fair number of accounts.
Every one that I can remember the password to will be deleted. I am loathe to leave it here. Loathe to leave it to whatever plans EP has for our writing. It is mine, not theirs.
The feelings are mine.
The love is mine.
The best part of EP was our meeting.
The worst part of EP was our meeting.
I miss you.
You left me twisting.
my own fault really.

Reality never set in until it was too late.
Regardless, my feelings expressed in this account and the ones I have expressed privately were and are real.
It is probably best for both of us however, that you are so far away. So unattainable.

anonymousconfessor anonymousconfessor
70+, M
Apr 20, 2016