So as this is the last day of EP I may as well tell you a confession ok here goes:

I seduce wealthy men preferably married men so I can blackmail them if they're not married I try to do my research on them so I can blackmail them

How I seduce them:
I walk into a hotel and sit at the bar if I see a man in a suit I give them a blushing sexy look and the gullible fools they are they come over I get flirtatious and I let him take me to his room where we get passionate I pause for a minute to get a rope out of my bag I tie his arms to the bed then I go into the ensuit while he thinks I'm getting undressed I take my phone out and snap a few shots of the dirty dog !! 30 mins later I ring him (hopefully he gets free by then if not I leave him a voicemail) I demand money from the dirty pervs or else I will destroy them

I have been caught but there is never any real proof as no cameras no nothing only proof is my phone to which I 'accidentally' lose haha
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Thanks @positivestateofmind I highly respect you PSOM! I know not all men are pervs but the majority are and they need to be taught!!!

Atta girl you need to show these perverts who's boss btw we all aren't like that if I was married I'd never have sex with another woman and if I was single I would not have sex on the first meeting/date you need to get to know someone not get on the high horse and hump hump as soon as you see the person

every consequence has its recourse... if you haven't had any real repercussions yet, and it sounds like you haven't... that means the universe obviously has something special saved up for you, and boy I wish there was a film crew there to catch it when it happens. Saturn's going to crush you :)

Actually if you think about it logically even if I get sent down it'll only be for that one or few people they can prove for and when I get out who's to say I won't do it again plus I'd probably get an identity change anyway and I have been caught before but like I said no real evidence was found okay when I got out of the station the guys I used took photos of me and posted them online to make people aware but like I said I can change my looks I.e put a wig on, wear less/more make up guys are so gullible

I'm teaching them a lesson we aren't sex objects!!! The majority of men are dirty perverts!!!!

the ***** of Babylon was not a teacher of moral :)

*****?? A few kisses isn't a ***** I think you should look up the word before you call someone that

you are right. you did say you don't actually go through with what you've led these men into believing what was going to happen, nor did you tell them there would be an exchange of money. a ***** is actually honest about what the money is buying. you however are enticing men into sexual situations, then robbing them. you for some reason think it's teaching a lesson... that you are in a position of superiority... its not my place to ponder, but you deserve whatever the universe has coming for you. good luck with that :)

Erm ... So it's okay for a married man or even a single man to use us for sex if they loved us they wouldn't immediately have sex I mean most of them ask me if I'd like to come to their room so I'm not the one who's making them believe anything that's all them it's not love it's lust we are just one night stands to them like I said if you truly love someone you should wait but I guess these married men don't know what love is

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Oh you innocent and wonderful woman!
Femme Fatale: an irresistibly attractive woman, especially one who leads men into difficult, dangerous or disastrous situations; siren.
See even the dictionary knows about you! You're famous!