It's Almost Friday! Excited? Or Nervous?

Thursday night, to me feels like that little dog bone hanging in front of me, taunting me, letting me know that my weekend is just out of reach...but only for a little while. 2 classes tomorrow and then I'm through. Weekend here i come! So, I've decided to travel home this weekend...kinda like i have the past 5 weekends since I've been here in college. Boyfriend lives at home and i don't exactly have the best relationship with my family so...he is my "out" for a little while. But, the thing is, i am not sure how he will act this weekend. Whether he'll be the cute and thoughtful guy he was when i met him, or the overprotective, possessive guy he has turned into. I am not exaggerating when i say i can't go to the bathroom for seconds without him thinking I'm cheating! I have to be careful, no leaving the room, no hanging out with people, nothing. Unless he is there. I've tried my best to stand up for myself and demand respect, but... he just threatens to leave me.. When do you decide enough is enough..? Or a better question is how can you tell yourself enough is enough when I don't see a life without him..? I can't leave him, i love him with everything i have, but how can i balance this relationship before it capsizes? Any help?
RapunzelRapunzel RapunzelRapunzel
18-21, F
Sep 13, 2012