Transposition Of The Greater Arteries.

I was born with a heart defect that meant that I needed a major operation. Open heart surgery. At 5 days old in 1988 I had an Arterial Switch. At the time the surgery was newly available on the NHS and the risks were high, but gave me more chance than no surgery which left me with no chance. I came out of intensive care within two weeks and was home not long after that. As I grew up and throughout my adult life I will continue to need check ups, ECG's X-rays and special care when I have children. I survived open heart surgery and as yet have no need for another operation.
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Hi I too had open heart surgery, however mine was done when I was 2.5 and was done in 1976. I recently had a pacer implanted. There are not many of us who have this type of surgery. If I can be of assistance please feel free to chat with me.