I would really like to explore the origin of my interest in constipation. For a long as I can remember I've had a fascination/sexual interest in girls struggling and straining to poop. I guess my mother is responsible, when potty training it was her method to take me to the bathroom when she pooped. I would be placed on my potty chair and she would sit opposite me on the toilet. My mother's bowel movements were often an ordeal, she would sit in front of me straining and grunting for up to half an hour before I'd hear a huge "plop" in the toilet below.
When my toilet training ended and I started pooping by my self the trips to the toilet with my mother ended. But by then I was fascinated by the idea of any women pooping. and especially interested in hearing them strain. I don't remember having much opportunity, once my mother took me too a public ladies room so I could poop, while there I did hear a lady in the next stall grunt a few times but that was all until I reached 13. I found a copy of a "RedBook" magazine and it it was a detailed story of a natural childbirth. The birthing mother described in the most vivid detail how pushing the baby out felt like having the most difficult, constipated bowel movement of her life. While reading that article I have the most intensive *** of my young life! I was hooked!!!
From then on I read everything I could get my hands on about first person birth experiences. Surprisingly, a lot of mom's also talked in detail about struggles they had on the toilet with constipation, both before and after birth. This literature became my exclusive "jack off" material and I thought I was WEIRD!!!
In the '70s I found enema fetish **** and spent many happy hours watching women expel enemas. Only occasionally would the scenario include a constipated woman that needed help to poop....those were the absolute BEST.
When the internet arrived in the '90's I learned how not so unusual my constipation fetish was and have been addicted to finding anything and everything related to constipated women pooping, straining and grunting.
But I still return to my original question...where did this fetish come from?
JWPoop JWPoop 56-60, M Aug 8, 2013

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