She Does Everything I Do!

Ok I know there is that moment when your kid does the same thing you always do until they get there own style or attitude.  My little girl does that now.  Its been a while maybe six months or so but even more sometimes.  Its not hat I eat, oh how I wish it was that easy for them to eat green vegies or even foreing foods.

But no. Its how you do things and say things. Are four year old always like this and when is that moment when they no longer need your help?  Even now while I'm typing this, she sits in a similiar chair copying what I do by sitting or talking like.  The asking question part too is going to be a long time huh?

She puts her hands around me while i type and say "daddy has more hands!" Where in the world does she get this thing? I don't think i ever did that when I was a kid.  So much energy, so much spirit. She does has my nose, she we plenty smell recognition. "Oh daddy your eating chicken!"

She doesn't leave a room without me, and finds ways to get her attention my telling jokes or making up questions or observations.  She'll do the same thing with my wife when I am at work or asleep. Hehehe, she not much patience.  I make great impressions and I am thankful its this stage of her life. Oh she use to be a very very Terrible two and three.

The copycat is just another stage and kids do the weirdiest things to grow up in this world.  I wonder whats next. I hope not to wake up and ten yrs from now she'll ask me for the keys on a date. Ohh that will be another day i will shine some new

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
Mar 9, 2009