Don't Blame Coyotes For Being Coyotes...

It's the *people* that get me angry.  I have pets (cats and a dog), so I try to keep them in as much as possible.  If I see a coyote, I yell and wave my arms and pantomime throwing stones at it.  I want them to get the idea that the area around my yard is not a pleasant place to hang, if you're a coyote.  But I have neighbors who feed their pets outside and leave the uneaten food out to attract the coyotes.  I've even heard of people who FEED the coyotes because "the puppies are so cute."  Nobody likes to hear it, but Mother Nature is a *****.

TenEyes TenEyes
1 Response May 6, 2009

Same problem over with foxs , people leave food out for them .... first time a kid gets bit , their will be a slaughter