A Similar Threat.

 My sister lives on the edge of northern San Diego County. She raises min poodles, added a chinese crested and has a new batch of pups. She was telling me yesterday that the coyotes, who are around all the time, have been really active and their may be more of them. More than one animal has been taken out. A neighbor with children, 2 and 3 years old, had a den with a pair and a litter under her back fence a couple of years ago.

This is pretty normal in that area. The most recent threat has been coming from the sky. I thought she saw them when we were there in March. There is a pair of adult Red Tails or Cooper's hawks (never saw close enough), nesting about 200 yards away in a tall palm tree. They have taken to cruising her yard and get real interested when the dogs are out. Having seen how big they are, I think that they are capable of taking a pup and doing some serious damage to one of the other dogs.

She was out checking the run every five minutes while we were on the phone.

Coyotes and hawks do what they do. The smart pet owner, and parent, is a vigilant protector. All you can do is be aware of the threat and plan accordingly.

kyosaku kyosaku
61-65, M
Aug 9, 2009