Give Me What I Want

I’m a man of varied tastes, and my cravings can be intense and frequent: Hot fudge cake with extra hot fudge, the company of a distant friend, meaty pizza with lots of sauce, hot coffee on a cold afternoon, a thick burger slathered with pimento cheese, decent wine coupled with an engrossing conversation. The list goes on.

But today I have a Craving… with a capital “C”. I’m talking a mouthwatering, pupil-dilating, pulse-quickening, palm-sweating, common-sense-eradicating, borderline-obsession Craving, and it is most certainly NOT a hot fudge cake that I’m yearning for. No, my Craving today is for something much more earthy, more visceral. Intimate, even.

You know what I covet. You know what I need. So don’t be shy. Come a little closer and let’s sate this hunger. Yeah, I have a Craving. Give me what I want.
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8 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Now I'm having a craving...

That's rarely a bad thing. It's the giving into them that can get you in trouble!

Sometimes I don't have the willpower and I do give in. Being bad feels so good.

Where & when?

There & then?

Thanks for all your comments.

Nothing like a man who knows what he wants and goes after an oh so commanding way...I like this...a lot!

I learned long ago that being decisive and direct simplifies life in many ways. Always nice to meet someone who can appreciate that.

More than this point in my life it is a necessity...because you are smooths the to speak

whoa baby..nothing like a man taking "life" into his own hands...and one who knows what he wants...yeahhh baby...

Thank you... glad you enjoyed. In my experience, you rarely receive what you don't request.

you put a whole meaning to ask and ye shall receive..

Hmmmmm I wonder what this craving is for lol!

I can't imagine.

Well written!!!! Great !!!

Glad you enjoyed... Thanks!

Oh, yes I would love to have this craving satisfied over & over!! Nicely written....
"Lady B"

Thank you!

Oh I have that very same craving!!

It is apparently contagious.