Sensual Release

The room is filled with candles
Silk sheets are on the bed
We approach each other slowly
Very few words are said.

I feel your body breathing
In my warm embrace
I kiss you softly and gently
Your hair tickles my face.

I feel your tongue dancing
Searching for mine in turn
As you kiss me passionately
From the fire in your heart that burns.

I run my hands down to your hips
To hold you near to me
Arms wrap around my neck
As you hug me so gently.

I run my hands across
Your soft sensual waist
Reaching and squeezing your cheeks
With hands firmly placed.

I reach into your panties
To release them from your rear
Slowly dropping them gently
As I whisper in your ear.

As you patiently let them fall
To reveal your hidden sex
I feel my own muscle
Begin its gradual flex.

My shorts leave me swiftly
Without breaking a kiss
For love that is this wonderful
I do not want to miss.

I slowly walk toward you
As you back up to the bed
I look into your eyes
As I cradle your sweet head.

And with a kiss
We fall gently down
Your body underneath me
Our hearts the only sound.

I lift off your nightie
Letting it drop to the floor
I am aroused by your soft breasts
That I crave even more.

I suckle you with lust
As I hear you sigh
You gently part for me
Your warm inviting thighs.

I kiss you tenderly
Down your body slow
To savor your sweetness
The further that I go.

I reach your hidden valley
So warm with your honey sweet
I take my precious time
Tasting my favorite treat.

As I suckle your flowers petals
So warm with your dew
I long to go deeper
Farther inside of you.

After I sample your sweetness
I gently go inside
To fill you with my gratitude
That I slowly, gently hide.

You take me in deeply
Tight as I go
I see you biting your lip
The love in your eyes show.

With a gentle motion
Your legs wrapped around my waist
I massage your inner sanctum
Your slick walls tightly encase.

With every thrust
Deeper in you I go
Focused on your pleasure
The one that matters so.

I feel your lips against mine
Your nails grabbing my back
Holding us together as one
A deep lovers pact.

I feel you clamp me harder
As I am almost there
To bond with you my darling
Our climax that we share.

And with a shake and shudder
I hear your sensual cries
As I grasp a hold of you tightly
Looking deep into loving eyes.

I release to you my all
My love flows deep in thee
With a pulsing flow
My love for you from me.

And as your ****** rocks you
Tightly I hold you near
To cradle you in loving arms
With a heart sincere.

After the shaking has calmed
And our eyes meet again
I run my fingers through your hair
Enjoying this moment of zen.

With a loving glance
Deep into eyes of blue
I feel a tear of joy
For I am so in love with you.


Dreampoet Dreampoet
41-45, M
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

i love your way with words...i love the hidden valley..the way you describe the senses...i tell you this over and have a gift..

You are such a great inspiration.....Xo

Yeah that was great, DP!!!

glad u liked it.

Even the title kicks balls! ;-)

thank you man..

Damn! Now that's good stuff! ;-)

LOL Thank you very much.....