My Craving Grows..

MMM....I do have a craving and this craving grows stronger and stronger each day...I crave everything about you..I crave seeing your smile...everytime I close my eyes I can picture that..I crave your scent..mmm...I so cant wait to be able to close my eyes and breath in deeply so that when we have to part ways..I will be able to still have your scent with me..I crave your fingers tracing my face...finally placing those lips I soo badly want to taste on feel those arms embrace me warmly and hold me nice and close as we have our first feel your hands start to roam my body..sending shivers all up and down my spine..oh yes..even as I am writing my craving is growing for you my baby..I soo need to feel your naked body next to feel your hands on my feel your finger tips rolling over my soo very hard nipples..then to feel your mouth as you tease..lick and suck first the right nipple then the your free hand roams down my find my aching and very wet love box..first to feel your fingers rubbing and flicking my love button..making me go wild as you still have my nipple in your mouth..sucking..licking and teasing me..feeling your finger slip in to my now very slippery love box..first one finger..then two while your thumb still works on my love button..bringing me to the point of making my love juices start to flow out of me while the walls of my love box clasp and unclasp around your two fingers...making sure you have gotten all my love juices..then to feel you move on top of me..and move my legs to exactly where you need that you can slowly ever so slowly slip your very hard and hot manhood deep inside my aching very wet love box..this taking my breath away..Oh yes my baby..I crave all of you..
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3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

i love that

Wow, my imagination can work with that. There are a couple of things you left out of the southern travel, but we could talk about that later.

Well..I am glad that I got your imagination going...glad you enjoyed it...

Well written. Wish it was me

Thank you for the kind comment!!