Jonah, the Wacky Cat

I have a 3 year old tuxedo cat named Jonah. And he is INSANE.

I got Jonah as a surprise from my mom during a time when I was pretty depressed. He was the tiniest, fluffiest little kitten...well, I guess they all are. He was very sweet and loving at first...but eventually I started to notice that he is bonkers. Sometimes he just meows at you, for no reason. He likes to run around chasing things that aren't there. Since I've moved to my first apartment, he's been fond of running and hurling himself at the sliding screen door to the patio, clawing his way up. And he loves to play with loud toys in the middle of the night, meowing for someone to come play.

But I love the crazy little bastard.
brokenxtooxoften brokenxtooxoften
22-25, F
May 18, 2007