Whole New Breed...

Finally, I broke up with him. It had been 4 months of a non-stop rollercoaster of emotions and I was done. finished. I couldn't handle any more. So I walked away.
That's when the real crazy started.
He texted me and asked me why I hadn't texted him. I told him because he said he never wanted to hear from me again. He continued to text me until suddenly he responded with "Stop ******* texting me!" ... well.. okay then. I did.
The next day I didn't text him all day. Same situation again. I get a text that says "I feel like yesterday's news." So we texted for a little while, and I went to bed. The next day I decided to text him.
"Why the hell are you texting me????" was the response I got. Well what the hell, I can't win for losing.
We mostly fought over the next few days whenever he would text me. He accused me of having another boyfriend, which just wasn't true. We argued about it until that Friday night when he asked me again about the boyfriend. I once again told him no such person existed. He told me to prove it and I asked him how. He told me to come to his house. I told him okay, lemme put some clothes on. He texted me back, "Alone."
I had no doubt if it came down to hand to hand combat I would have the upper hand. He was much thinner and shorter than me, and I was used to wrestling with my brother who was almost a foot taller than me, and outweighed me by 100 lbs.
I knocked on his front door and he opened it in his underwear. I stood there quietly for a minute and he stepped aside to let me in. I leaned down to take my boots off and he told me to take off my socks and my ring before I walked any farther into the house. I didn't really ask why, I just did as I was instructed. He walked without a word into the bedroom, then back to the fire place and sat a pillow down on the floor. He sat down beside it, and motioned for me to sit on the pillow. Once again I did as I was asked and sat down.
He started talking. Telling me conversations he had been having with his brother. (who had been dead for 2 years) telling me that it wouldn't be long. he was going to die soon, and it wouldn't be long. He rambled on for a couple of hours before coming to an abrupt stop.
he stood and walked into the kitchen and stirred up a cake mix. Then he put it in a pan and put it in the oven to bake. He came and sat back down and asked me what was so wrong with him that we couldn't be together. I told him the truth, It was too much stress on me, too much baggage, and I was happier alone. he told me I was lyjng and started rambling again, then insisted that I check my phone because my boyfriend was worried about me. I checked my phone and had one missed text from my sister. I showed him the phone, then replied to the message.
He stood up, walked back to the kitchen and took the cake out of the oven, iced it while it was still hot and cut it. then he walked back into the living room and sat down in front of the fire place. He talked for another couple of hours, making less sense as the night went on. I told him I was going to head home, it was late, and I was exhausted. Then he told me that he needed me there with him. He pulled a blanket off the couch and asked if I could just lay there with him for a little bit. We laid there watching the fire for awhile before he told me that he had just impregnated me. I told him that wasn't possible because we hadn't had sex.
He told me that he had, and it was to protect me from the demon that follows me. Then he fell asleep. needless to say, it was well past dawn by this point, and as soon as I was sure he was asleep I got up and left.
Three days later he tells me he is going to destroy my reputation. He's going to post every picture and text between us to facebook and show my entire family. I asked him several times not to, but he insisted this was the only way to punish me for leaving him. Then he sent me a text that said his prayer's had been answered and everything was ok. He promised that he deleted everything off his phone.. and I haven't heard from him since...
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Wow !!

That is one messed up dude I really hope he gets the help he needs or he is really going to hurt himself or someone. U r very lucky to have been able to walk away from that

Holy ****. Woah.