Child Custody

My previous story about my ex was bad. This one is just pathetic.

Lately, I've been repeatedly "served" with Custody statements that look like that were typed up in Notepad and even have "page 1" on the bottom of each page. My last one read:


Dear, (My full name),

You are to give this custody of your son, (My son's full name) to his mother forever. This is official and we will be arrest of you if you are not obeying.


The __________ County Courthouse.


I may be completely ignorant of the law but these are humorous at best. They're all in white envelopes, addressed by hand, with her own residence as a return address. 

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I agree! I'd go to the court house... Or move away from this clearly insane woman.

Go to the The __________ County Courthouse and show them the letters. I'm pretty sure whatever country you're in this kind of forgery is illegal.