"Gramma" Or "You Little *****!"

Gramma, may she rest in peace, was a character. One of my favorite stories of Gramma was when she came to our house to take care of my brother (J), and my sister (B), and me while my parents went on vacation. We always knew that Gramma had a short temper and she didn't like kids that much, including us. We tried not to let that get to us and would do our best to keep our actions low-key as not to ignite Gramma's hot temper... but sometimes, that just wasn't in our control.

Well, Gramma had taken the time to make us a special crockpot dinner-- that, frankly, we weren't excited about... but you know what they say: "It's better than nothing!" This "stew", if you can call it that, was a mix of pretty much all of the leftovers she could find in the refridgerator that had nothing visible growing on them. You think I exaggerate? If you only tasted the delicious mix of spaghetti and chili with chunks of zuchini and corn (still on the cob) all mixed in a big pot with who-knows-what, you might rethink. Is your mouth watering?

So anyway, on this day Gramma had made one of her special batches of Waste-Nothing-Stew that slow-cooked in that crockpot, at least a good six hours-- She was wondering why we weren't dishing it up and eating our dinner. Well, besides the obvious (that her cooking was scary), we didn't realize that her delicious dish had finished cooking...

Before we knew it, Gramma was standing in front of the three of us bawling! As tears ran down her cheeks, her feelings raw from the pain of cooking something and no one eating it, She exclaimed, "Why, you little *****! You never eat what I cook! You are so ungrateful!"

Well, she could be right about us being a little ungrateful. However, it's hard to eat a meal if you aren't told that it's done cooking, bless her heart. Even for her, we would try to stomach it and act like we liked it-- Which is what us "Little *****" did.

I love Gramma. You will hear more about her if I get a good response to this story :)
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This story makes me appreciate my nana even more. She was a great cook. I loved most of her food. I think this is where I got my creativeness. She was an artist in the kitchen too. She made preparing food fun and not too complicated (like you're friend from NJ-without the roaming accents). <br />
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Your gramma swore. Ahhhhhwwww, naughty naughty. **** isn't a word my family even uses. That's a dirty word ... <br />
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Yes, very entertaining story. Would love to read more. :~)

degenerate1991--yeah and it's accurate! no leftover went un-eaten! thanks for the comment :D

"waste-nothing stew"...such a hilarious desc<x>ription.

SilverandIce, <br />
I'll admit that it took me a few years to see the humor in that one... but I think that the best revenge for someone who is mean to you is to make fun of them later. So thanks to these people because, while their actions make life hard in the moment, they are really giving you a gift that keeps on giving... As one of my favorite comedians, Kathy Griffin, would say, " I should [have sent] her a muffin basket!"<br />
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Peace and hugs to you! --Hearts

Stories about family members yelling at kids rarely make me laugh... but I'll be damned, this one did it :). Tell more stories about grandma!

Thanks, Lilt! It makes me laugh every time I tell that story... so endearing, really, about my grandma...

I love this story and your Gramma. I think it's cute that she left the corn on the cob :-)<br />
Please share more!