I'm Italian And All Italians Are Crazy, Dramatic & Overly Emotional

So yes, I have a crazy family. Mine is a little extra crazy though just for some added fun.
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i am italian and my family was crazy to, my dad had all friends that were i,ll call shady he would take me to their houses and get dice and cards that were cheaters for me if anyone tryied to rob me , i never used them , another ntime he told me to grab a bat and we went to a certain bar and if i saw a certain person i was to hit him,i did not want to but would of if he was there i had no choice my father was the boss, though i wanted to hurt no one , and there,s much more but i let it be at this, vinny

Oh, wow! That's REALLY insane! My family is not shady just crazy. Lots of drama and fighting and such. I'm not big on that type of drama so I really hate it.

Oh, so that's an Italian thing. I see.

Oh, yes! Italians are big on drama! There are frequent screaming matches at family gatherings. My family can be a lot of fun but then they can totally flip out too. One never knows what to expect.

I heard this before from the housewives one of the was Italian and said the exact words after flipping a table and screaming hysterically lol

Yes, mine is exactly like that only crazier!

ever seen 'moonstruck'? is your family like that?