Swimming On Sunday

I grew up in a strict, religious family. I have since moved on from that religion, but the majority of my very vocal family has not. ...and one thing that you can do in my family if you really wanna cause a scandal is to...

Swim on Sunday.

...which brings me flashbacks from my childhood when I was really self-righteous about people swimming on Sunday because that was not keeping the Sabbath day holy! ...and fast forward to my life now... and my relationship with my nieces... and the fact that we went swimming on Sunday this summer. Yes, it was a scandalous event in our family! We had grounding and guilt-ing-- and not-speaking vs. stern lectures... ah, it took me back. ...and my sister was completely about to lose her bisquits when she saw her daughters in the pool... and then there was me, The Bad Influence with Satan himself on my shoulder. (Funny, I always thought he had better things to do-- but Satan and God are very concerned about swimming on Sundays and they often use innocent people as a battle ground.)

I hardly ever get to see my nieces because they live so far away and just for one Sunday, it seemed so harmless. They asked me to go-- and wanting to bond with them and be the cool aunt, I went.

Despite the scandal with my own parents ***eyes rolling here***, I had the best time! My nieces are funny and great-- talking about all the high school things... they are really quite dear... so in honor of the rebels in life, I take a particular pride in Swimming on Sunday... and from now on, that may be the only day of the week that I ever swim... just to spite them. Cheers!
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Swim anytime you want. Tell them Jesus has anointed your pool and if they dive in they will feel an overwhelming sense of His presence. Jesus has spoken to you and your pool is the place where He resides for you. Swimming in Sundays is now a ritual because He is there with you with on such a holy day.

@4vrUnique ***giggling*** yeah, i know... why is it such a big deal? (thanks for the comment)

LOL - That's great. Teach them to think for themselves and not be followers. <br />
<br />
Swimming ... how dare you! Dirty their minds with such filth! ;~)

Thanks, MeltedFlowers :)

Good for you! Don't let anyone take away ur moments with ur nieces :-)