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Dear Gramma-- She was a gifted seamstress and she once had her own sewing business. She was famous in her little town for the shirts that she would make for dancing competitions. They were considered to be lucky by all the dancers in the town-- so she had a good little business. Growing up, my mom used to make me and my little sister matching dresses-- which I hated-- the fact that they were matching, and my little sister loved it! My little sister would wait to see what dress that I was going to wear that Sunday and then she would go put on the matching one. I don't know why but I hated that. One Sunday I got this idea that I was going to put on a dress and switch dresses at the very last minute. True to form, my sister waited to see which one I was going to wear. She put on the matching one. Being the brat that I was, I waited until my dad was calling us to go to the car so that we could leave for church. Waiting for my unsuspecting lil' sis to go first to the car, I ran back to our room and switched my dress. When I showed up in my unique dress, needles to say, she was really mad. Lil' sis got duped, bless her heart.

So we always had home-made dresses. Mom would let us pick the fabric and the pattern, so we were really excited! Down the road, as Gramma got to the point where she decided that she didn't need to sew from a pattern-- she would see the dresses that my mom would make and try to copy them (no pattern). Well, it didn't work out so well even though her heart was in the right place-- the ill-fitting, khaki brown dress with the world map on it wasn't something that a preteen wanted to wear. So with strings coming off the dress and puckers in the seams, I would try to like it, but it wasn't going to happen. She was mad because I "never wore what [she] made". So, home-made dresses were a huge part of my up-bringing.
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My mother made my own underwear when I was young because I was and still am allergic to elastic (especially in the summer or I'm sweaty). They was very old fashioned & wouldn't really matter if she didn't make me where the hand-me-downs from my older cousin. My cousin only wore dresses & so everyone could see my hand-made underwear at they playground. I no longer need to wear them, now I just buy Jockey brand. <br />
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I really like custom made clothes, every so often (when I can afford it), I'll go to craft festivals & peruse a vendor's clothing, chat with them & find out if they do custom work, if they do I'll design just the right blouse (or whatever they make that suits me) & then they'll create it. I have a couple of these treasures in my wardrobe.

Your mom made your underwear when you were a kid? ...and the kids could see them? That must have been rough. Good that you found a brand you can wear.

That sounds like a lot of fun to get custom clothes made... I wish I could see them!

EternallyHopeful, yeah, it always made me happy to have these clothes made just for me-- and my mom would let me pick the fabric and the pattern-- when you can sew well, you never look poor-- your aunt must have been the envy of that country school :) (thank ya for the comment!)<br />
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Isshe-- yeah, i suppose it's not so crazy-- when i started the story, i had a certain intention, but the way that it flowed came out differently-- funny how that happened...<br />
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if the seamstress is gifted, she can sew something so lovely that cost is not a thought-- and she even made her own underwear? i can't imagine-- that sounds difficult!<br />
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so you had a lil' cousin who like to wear was her big cuz was wearing? you know what it was like then-- yeah, i'm not proud of everything that i did when i was a kid, but i'm not sure that we really knew any better at the time... but thank goodness that we grow up eventually. thanks so much for the comment :)

Awww, that's not so crazy! Dress making would have been a part of everyday life back then... so i guess to be talented at it would have been something that to envy. Infact I still envy people who make their own clothes, despite it being cheaper to buy them now-a-days. <br />
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I met a lady a few weeks ago who made all her clothes still. She bought all her material at second/opportunity shops to make it affordable. She even made all her underwear!! Incredible in this day and age really.<br />
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I can empathesise with you on the dress to be the same thing...I had a cousin who adored me when we were younger and wanted to be just like her older cousin...gawd I did some cruel things :/

Oh this reminds me of stories I've heard from mum and aunts about my grandmother (I never met her). But they all felt proud of their clothes made 'just for them'. One aunt says they were the poorest but best dressed kids in the school :) Probably no great feat - country school, could have only been 30 kids there LOL

FS... yeah, something like that ***giggling***