I Like Dessert

I've been going to Safeway and getting little packs of chocolate cheese cake.  There are 4 little pieces in each box.  My car was full of garbage and over the weekend I decided to clean it out.  I found LOTS of empty little packages of cheese cake.  I love eclairs too.  And I'm fat but I'm not too concerned about it.  I don't need a skinny body because I don't want a man.  I do not have a full length mirror in my house.  If I did, I would look at myself in the mirror a lot and feel disgusted with myself for being fat.  I like people for what they have on the inside and I don't care what they look like on the outside.  I expect other people to feel the same way.  Everybody is like that.  We know how WE are and we expect others to be the same way.  They usually aren't.  Anybody who wouldn't like me because I'm fat would be an icky person just like my mother and I don't need anyone like that.    
suzanne55 suzanne55
56-60, F
May 2, 2011