And You Thought Your Family Was Crazy

My husband and I both come from crazy families. but I will save our family life for another day.  Now that I am married, I think that the family I have now is the craziest of them all with out the inlaws even being put into the mix.
Our family is made up of 6 people.  My husband, my oldest daughter from another relationship, three children that my husband and I had together and then myself.  First of all, my husband; he has OCD as well as anger management and other issues.  My oldest daughter has Peter Pan sydrom and dosent want to grow up.  Then my three youngest children all have OCD, and SPD.  Then there is me.  Worry about everything.  I am an inabler.  I am afraid of conflict, and so on.  So with all of these issues if you can just picture what one of our days looks like at our house.  Just getting everyone dressed and off to school is a major accomplishment each and every day.  Sometimes I think that if they were to put us on a reality tv show, know one would believe it.  Life can not be that crazy. 
inneedofablessing inneedofablessing
46-50, F
Feb 7, 2012