"oh, You Must Mean Mrs. Henry"

I talk a lot about my grandpa, but there are a lot of good stories about my grandma. This is one of my all time favorites.

My mom and her brother, my Uncle Paul, were walking down to the beach. My grandparents live on the Elk River which a few miles south of us meets the Susquehanna River to form the northern tip of the Chesapeake Bay. So on our property there are two areas that aren't eroding cliff face or full of rocks that we can swim in. Well my mom and Uncle Paul caught a group of people trespassing. This is pretty normal thing. These guys had apparently pull their boat on the beach and were having a good time.

My mom and uncle told them they were on private property and had to leave. They told them what my mom and uncle could do with themselves...

So my mom and uncle went to get their dad, my grandpa. Grandpa was on the town council and ran a pretty successful hardware store and my grandma was part of local church committee. They were active, well known, and very respected people in the county. Everyone knew them and loved them. Well these guys were apparently not from around here. Grandpa came down and told them they have to leave. They told grandpa what he could do with himself...

So then they went back tot he house and got my grandma. Grandma got her shotgun. My grandma is a pleasant, witty, and classy woman, but mess with her family and you'll feel her wrath. She went down with my husband and kids in tow. She demanded they leave. These guys told her what she could go do with that gun...

Well grandma fired a shot into the sand in front of them and a fragment hit one of them. They cleared out pretty quick.

Later that week they went into town to the shieff's office to file a complant. They said "There's a crazy woman with a gun out on Elk Neck!"

The officers looked up and one of them said, "Oh, you must mean Mrs. Henry."

They went back to work and ignored them.
PineyCreek PineyCreek
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Mar 12, 2012