Holidays, Renunions, and Birthdays- Oh My!

Yes, I can definitely say that is how I feel when a family function is approaching. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz walking in the forest to pending doom.
 As I have gotten older and luckily have my own family. I dread any of my family's functions. I have an uncle who lives with my 76 year old grandmother. He refuses to work but gets $20-$30 a day from her because she still works full time in an industrial plant! My other uncle bums money from her to buy drugs but she is in denial about where the money is going. I know my grandmother would love to retire but is afraid she can't make it. Of course she can't when she is supporting two grown men.
 The other members of my family are in constant bickering with each other. One minute they are drinking together and the next they are fighting.
  On the other hand, my husband's family is like the Brady Bunch. We go over there and they are playing scrabble. During holiday functions it is like being in two different worlds in one night.
vanilla vanilla
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2007