It's Christmas time and that's all great and what not till the relatives come to visit! This year it's my dad's turn to host Christmas Eve dinner for a bunch of low life people who I can't stand! I have a rough past for those who doesn't know me! My father and I fight a lot which makes my family think I'm a disrespectful bi*ch! However, lots have changed in the last 6 years. We have a better relationship and can sit in the same room without killing each other. My family still thinks I'm a disrespectful bi*ch! No matter how many times I show them I have changed they still roll their eyes when I speak, tell my dad I need to be a person, ask what I have accomplished then laugh as if it isn't true! This year will be no different apparently! Everyone arrived today and it's just now starting off miserable! My cousin dropped my cell phone in the sink, my aunt told me I need to move out and accomplish more because that's what she did at my age! For the love of God shut up!! I'm going to college, I'm sober, I'm not doing drugs, I'm a decent human being just shut the F up!!
Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated to get me though this!
Rant over and out!
Kellykels Kellykels
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 23, 2015

HUG. I only know you here, but I think you have come a long way. None of us are perfect. You've overcome lots of challenges. Graduated HS, In college, on the path of sobriety! They just refuse to accept you have changed. It's easier to write people off than see them as humans with potential. I've seen it...

I know this is belated. :) Maybe try to watch the language a bit. And you can only control how you respond, not what others do/don't do or say. (unfortunately). And You have ALWAYS been a decent human being. Got it?!

p.s. I',m amazed your dad let them treat eachother like they do under his roof-holiday or not.